3D Movies Which Rocked The Theaters In 2016

Whenever the history of cinema will be written there would definitely be a whole chapter on 3D movies. 3D movies have been on the minds of movie lovers since they came into existence in 2010. In no time people got fully obsessed with this form of cinema.

The year 2016 has proven to be a very great year for 3D movies and the audience got to experience some very amazing 3D movies. So let us have a look at some of the biggest 3D movies of this year.

Dreamwork’s martial art comedy franchise seems to be unstoppable and has been proven to be a symbol of the growing importance of China in the computer graphics industry.

The third installment of this film is the first major American animated film which is co-produced by a Chinese company. In this movie, the black and white cute and fluffy hero will take on a villain with supernatural power. The characters of the movie are given voices by some iconic Hollywood stars such as Jack Black, Kate Hudson, Jackie Chan and Angelina Jolie.


Disney is well known for creating sequels, prequels, reboots and remaining, but this time, they have taken a chance on a new and original story. Zootopia is the 55th animation movie of Disney which is an action-buddy comedy neo-noir adventure” which revolves around a rabbit cop who is on the case of a missing rabbit.

The movie caters some very amazing animal puns in it.


Some Unknown Facts About Losing Weight Which You Didn’t Knew

Excess weight today has become a major problem for a large number of people today and people are trying a lot of things to shed their extra pounds.

On Vitaloid.com you will find a wide range of weight loss supplements and pills which are proven to be vital in excess weight and staying fit.

Here are some facts about weight loss which you must be definitely not aware of.

  • In the 19th century, a diet food named Fletcherism was very popular, created by Horace Fletcher. This diet food chewing of food for around 32 times till it turned into a liquid form. He claimed that this method of eating can prove to be vital in avoiding various types of diseases and lose weight effectively.
  • It is said that losing weight can help in skyrocketing energy levels as having less weight results into less usage of energy, which tends to less huffing and puffing.
  • A research has stated that consumption of artificial sugar leads to gaining extra weight. In this research, subjects were injected artificial sweetener and after a week the symptoms of glucose intolerance and ca change in gut bacteria were noticed in the subjects.
  • It was found that the pop sensation Elvis Presley was a fan of the Sleeping Beauty Diet. In this diet, a person is sedated for a couple of days. The reason behind doing this is that it is believed that a sleeping person will not eat.

All these facts about weight loss are really fascinating and some of them are rarely known to people who carry out weight loss.


Website Design Trends Which Will Hit The Floor In 2016

With the beginning of the new year, it is predicted that some new technologies and trends will come into play. Experts have suggested that the trend of website design will face some very huge but vital changes which will change the course for website designers and developers.

So let’s have a look at some of the website design trends which have been signaled by some experts and they are expected to hit the floor this year.

Vertical Patterns and Scrolling

Today companies have been leaning towards mobile platforms as they believe that it may vitally equal the traffic of the desktop. This is the reason why a large number of websites are designed with respect to vertical flows.

If you look back a few year mostly it was sighted the near end of scrolling in website design. But in the recent times, it has heavily bounced back as one of the most vital interaction tools. As well all know small screens urge the users to scroll more and more. This urged the designers to create an interface which is a lot more vertical in nature.

Card-Style Interfaces

The emergence of the card-style interface is considered to be one of the largest assets for web design. You can find a card-style design from everything right from apps to websites and even in printed pieces. Cards are user-friendly, engaging and they add a fun factor to your website. The bonus factor of the card-style interface is that it works flawlessly on devices as cards can stack anywhere on the screen.

Think Movie-Style Sites

Designs of the website are laying steps in the movies. Better video plugin integration and high-speed internet make it easier to cater an immersive movie-style experience. Today video growing and transforming right from short snippets to full-length clips. The images have now become sharp, crisp and high definition, which helps in creating a completely new video experience to the users.

Small Animations

If you have a look way back in 2015 animation has been one of the happening trends of the year. With the introduction of some animation styles, it leads off to site designs which catered some small divots which were missing previously. It is predicted that the trend of animation will largely grow, no matter of what size they are.

So by this, it’s clear that the upcoming trends will be a combo of some trends from the previous years but with some very amazing twists. So be ready to experience some very amazing technological trend in website design in the year 2016.


My Story Of How Did I Loose 15 Pounds In Just 12 Days

Yeah guys its true, I have actually lost 15 pounds in just 12 days. Right from Monday January the 7th to January 19th (2013). All thanks to Nutrisystem and its diet plans which have been a lot of beneficial in reducing weight in a very less time. Nutrisystem promo code became way more affordable for me.

So let’s have a look at how I nailed my weight loss in just 12 days.

So How Did I Lose My Weight So Quickly?

I kept my blood sugar away from spiking by following a weight loss program which was specifically designed for me. It was much more similar to the slow carb diet. The method which I used was advised to me by the expert panel of nutritionists and dietitians of Nutrisystem.

Here are some key changes which I made which helped me to effectively loose weight.

I Ate A Big, High-Protein Breakfast

It would seem crazy that I could lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. Every morning in breakfast I used to have 3 fried eggs, 4-6 pieces of bacon, and fried mushrooms, onions, and beans. You will think that this meal is like a curse for dieting,but trust me guys after eating this meal I never felt empty for a very long time, which saved me from having mid-day brunches and snacks. This meal also saved me from overeating and food cravings.

Remove Most Dairy Products

This task was not easy for me. Since I had started my diet I hadn’t drank a drop of milk as it consist of some heavy elements which can hinder your weight loss. Instead of milk, I used to have heavy cream in my coffee.

Water, Coffee, Or Tea

This was one of the biggest challenges for me. My main aim was to avoid consuming any type of unnecessary calories if I had to rapidly loose my weight. So I started avoiding such type of drinks which catered unnecessary calories. I used to have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning which provided me a kick start.

Say No To White Carbohydrates

Anything which is white such as pasta, bread, oatmeal, rice all consist tons of carbohydrates. As you all know that access of carbohydrates can effectively boost up your weight gain. Instead of that I just used to eat black beans, kidney beans, veggies which catered some health benefits.

What I have explained above was how I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks. Today still I.m continuing to lose week after week at an average of 4-5 pounds per week. The above method works like a charm and I feel it is a great way to loose some extra weight.


Facts You Should Know About 3D Animation In Films

We all love watching animated movies and especially it’s a 3D movie. Today the complex software programming of 3D animation has become widely popular career choice. Here are a few interesting facts about 3D animation:

It Is Much Older Than You Think

The first traces of 3D animation were found way back in 1600 BC when Egyptian pharaoh Ramses-II built a unique 110 column temple wherein each pillar has the picture of goddess. But the big difference was that sculptures were made so that they can repeat the images slowly yet progressively so that it appeared as if the goddess was in motion.

The Greeks had Decoded The Secret

It is said that before we learnt about the various software programs, the Greeks used simple spinning pots to reveal the marvel of 3D animation. In fact, not only Greece, archeologists have explore similar creations form the Middle Eastern countries such as Iran.

We Saw It First In 1982

The modern day 3D animation laid its steps in the world of films in 1982 when the makers of the movie “Tron” included a special music video in 3D.

Toy Story Started It All

Toy Story was one of the first 3D animation movies to hit the cinema halls.

Students Would Have Made It

Though Toy Story went to become the first full 3D animated film, but a thing which you don’t know is that a few bunch of students in the New York Institute of Technology working on similar lines with the their production titled The Works which could have done it before Toy Story. Lack of budgets forced them to scrap the idea and the credit went on to Toy Story.

3D Characters went on to do cameo in several movies

Ever since after their introduction, 3D characters became highly popular and went on to do several cameos in other movies as well.